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I'm English, humorous, off-message and can't stand political correctness. I'm also way too cynical to take anything seriously but especially romance. When I first started writing back in the 1980's I did the 'right' thing and wrote what I thought people would like to read so my books were romantic and passionate but had very little humour. My agent said do this and my publisher said do that so I did as I was told. Now I'm much older, been there, done that and come back again and without the benefit of an agent or publisher, just write what I want and I don't much care if it offends anyone's delicate sensibilities. In an age of 'snowflakes' who are way too precious to get their hands dirty and face the challenges of life full-one because they simply can't deal with it, I'm proper old-school. Life is not exactly short, nasty and brutish nowadays but it hasn't changed much over the millennia. Eyes meet across a crowded room, relationships still break down, people love and then don't. Plus ca change but with a huge dollop of humour to add some spice to it, as well as lots of enjoyable sex. After all, its what humans do isn't it? As the daughter and grand-daughter of Army officers, I like my men to be able to take care of themselves. The idea of some millionaire, billionaire or quad-drillionaire sweeping me off my feet and tying me up with fluffy handcuffs in a special dungeon is too ridiculous for words so far as I'm concerned. All my men have seen the dark side of life, peered into the abyss and survived any battles, real and psychological. Underneath however, beats a heart of gold who needs just the right kind of woman to love and to hold. And talking of women, mine are feisty, determined, strong-willed and know exactly what they want. Pushovers they aren't. Dim little doormats who like being told what to do are my idea of pathetic and I couldn't write about one under any circumstances. So I've written a few books of various shades of rude and explicit, funny and romantic, passionate and sad. Its real life ?


  • Sally-Anne Robinson
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