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The continued adventures, if adventures is the right word, of Eustace and Hilda first met in The Shrimp and the Anemone.
It's now post WWI and Eustace is at Oxford, Hilda is running a clinic for crippled children while baby Barbara is now a married woman.
If you are familiar with L.P. Hartley then you will know that plot isn't his main concern, as such there isn't one. Well not to speak of, Eustace talks Hilda in to going for a country house weekend with the minor aristocracy of the first book... I was considering ticking the hide review because of spoilers box at the bottom because I have told you everything that happens plotwise.
However plot doesn't matter, what matters for Hartley is the inner life of his characters and the way in which people see each other and Eustace is the person who we learn most about here.

The Sixth Heaven

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  • Leslie Poles Hartley
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