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MONEY, MANIPULATION, AND MURDER A successful Wall Street speculator is turning his custom-built car into the private drive of his vast Long Island estate when a bomb blasts him and the vehicle to bits. In nearby Westchester another financial manipulator is executed in the back seat of his Cadillac. Police specialist John Harbizon is called in to investigate. He soon realizes that he has a difficult task before him; the careers of both men consisted mainly in taking away other people's money, and many had cause to hate them. Then the vice president of an L.A. brokerage firm is electrocuted while taking a shower and another financial advisor leaps or is pushed from the twenty-third floor of his Chicago penthouse. Harbizon recognizes the frightening potential of the pattern that is emerging. Police specialists from New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles and two eager journalists join the investigation as the series of murders stuns the financial world. Someone seems to be more interested in collecting death certificates than stock certificates. A novel of ruthlessly professional murders, brilliant police work, and swift suspense by the author of In the Heat of the Night.

A Killing in the Market

  • John Ball
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