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Private Investigator Gemma Lincoln is back. A brother and sister-in-law are shot dead in the hallway of their family home. The dead man, Bryson Finn, was a police superintendent; his bereaved wife, Natalie Sutherland, is a former detective. Was this a case of cop killing cop? Natalie hires Gemma to find out, fearing that the Force will close ranks to keep it quiet. That might not be the smartest thing Ms Sutherland has ever done While trying to solve this bloody crime, and the many minor skirmishes that help pay the bills for a PI, Gemma has to make tough decisions about her own life. Is she in love with Steve? Will she tell him about the baby? Can she be a mother on her own? Gabrielle Lord draws on all her skills as the Queen on Crime to weave a story that is thrilling, bloody and unpredictable, as well as personal, warm and thoughtful. She stands alone as a writer who can bring together a brutal crime and the story of an independent woman who is like the rest of us in many ways, but also very, very brave.


  • Gabrielle Lord
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