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An evil wind blows through the air of Bass Strait, promising the birth of a charismatic child. On the far northwest coast of tasmania at Cape Grimm lies the isolates community of Skye, which practises a religion that reveres the imagination. When Caleb Mean is born, his grandmother has a vision telling her he is the Chosen One. On Caleb's 33rd birthday, he locks the whole community into the meeting hall and incinerates them. the only survivors are Caleb, his lover Virginia, and their baby daughter, Golden. How could such a thing happen? Do the answers lie in the history of Skye itself, founded by the unlikely survivors of a 19th-century shipwreck? Or do the only real clues lie in the dark truths of fairytales? Cape Grimm is a chilling and bewitching novel about the terrible power of faith, and confirms Carmel Bird as one of our finest and most original writers.

Cape Grimm

SKU: 794
  • Carmel Bird
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