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'A big, life-enhancing book, fast-paced, both funny and sad.' Caribbean Beat Like Heaven is a vivid and evocative portrait of an Indian family in Port of Spain, Trinidad. Ved Saran is forced to leave his childhood behind when he takes on the family business, sacrificing his own personal desires to make it a success. As he prospers, he is pulled further away from the ramshackle carnival culture that has sustained him and thrown instead into a world of politics and corruption which finally threatens his personal happiness and the happiness of the people around him. In this debut novel, Niala Maharaj creates a cast of richly drawn characters, revealing the humour and pathos in life - the unpredictability of its course and the complexity of human relationships. It celebrates the fun and pleasure to be found in friendship and social occasions and shows the devastation that can be wrought by a split-second decision. Ultimately uplifting, Like Heaven pulsates with life, and is vibrant with the sounds, smells, colours and texture of the Caribbean.

Like Heaven

  • Niala Maharaj
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