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You could say I'm a walking mirage, a hologram that from certain angles you can't see, and before my powers of reasoning dissolve - before I vanish altogether - I'm going to attempt to take stock. Jen Montgomery's life appears, almost suddenly, to be at an impasse. Nothing is as secure or as certain as she had previously thought. Love, marriage, parenthood, family, work, the very fabric of her identity, seems to be shifting. She had always considered herself a 'forever' person but now she isn't so sure, and this is frightening and exhilarating. As Monty struggles to reconcile her inescapable desire to break free with the loyalty she feels to the choices she has made, an unravelling takes place and reality sets in. "It should be known, if you treat the symptom rather than always concentrating on the cause, paths for recovery can be opened up. The deepest of problems can be cleared."

This Too Shall Pass

  • S. J. Finn
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