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A novel about how love can empower even the most lost of souls, and make them grow and flourish. Starting in Berlin just prior to WWII in 1934 we move - as Mobius our unloved and secretive historian protagonist tries to escape "The Summons" from the SS unit of the Nazis to join their Witches and Special Projects research unit - to rural Germany for the first years of World War II. David Whish-Wilson set out to write a simple story - an antidote to the desensitising and dehumanising propaganda used by the Nazis, and others throughout history, to motivate ordinary people to commit war. The message of the novel, one that is shared quietly, is that in times of uncertainty and turmoil the only thing that can save us from acceding to the destructive projects of others, is to have the courage to think for ourselves, to remain true to ourselves. It is a novel for the times in which we live now. THE SUMMONS encourages readers to think for ourselves and of the central place of human choice in historical and current times.

The Summons

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  • David Whish-Wilson
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