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This the epic true story of the life of a woman of indomitable spirit set in 19th century outback Australia. Winifred Steger travelled to Australia with her father in the 1880s when he took up a land grant, which turned out to be worthless, in north Queensland. Faced with poverty, endless backbreaking work and isolation, Winifred's father spiralled into depression and alcoholism. Left to fend for herself, Winifred battled insurmountable odds to maintain her dignity and sanity, finding solace when she created fictitious scenarios to ease her hardship. She endured an early loveless marriage and being forced to abandon her four children, and eventually met and fell in love with an Indian trader, Ali. She bore him three children and the family moved to outback Australia where they ran a camel line. Later, a new phase began in Winifred's life, taking her to places she had only ever dreamed of. The Washerwoman's Dream is the story of an extraordinary woman. Hilarie Lindsay meticulously researched and reconstructed Winifred's life through her memoirs, newspaper articles, short stories, letters and unpublished novels. This is an account of the amazing life of a forgotten Australian writer. -- BOOK COVER.

The Washerwoman's Dream

  • Hilarie Lindsay
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